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About Tammi’s Maple

An honest and true mom and pop maple shop. Owned and operated by Tammi and Zip. A couple thats been together for more 30 years. Their passion is making great maple products but more important is their dedication to each other.

After years of making backyard maple syrup and dreaming of

tapping more of our sugarbush, it finally happens.

A few years back Tammi found herself suddenly unemployed after 14 years with the same organization. At about the same time 3/16 tubing was making an appearance in the maple industry. 3/16 tubing was just what was needed for us to make the decision to tap more of Tammi’s Maple sugarbush. Why 3/16 you ask? Pretty simple really, it’s lite weight and easy to handle making it the perfect fit for us. Zip had tried larger tubing and even milk jugs and buckets without much success. Problem is Zip has a bad back thanks in part to a failed surgery and a disk disease. It is what it is and he does what he can before the pain takes over. We work together doing a little bit at a time until we succeed. The one thing Zip does very well is coming up with ways to take manual labor out of maple woods and sugarhouse. Our entire process is run by gravity. From tree to barrel without ever being handled. Great for Zip’s back and even better for the environment! Which is very important to us. Using security cameras we also have the ability to monitor much of the process from inside our house. Like keeping an eye on sap tanks and the reverse osmosis system. Having 24/7 live video in much of Tammi’s Maple sugarbush is great for keeping an eye on the tubing but also fun to watch what’s going on in the off season. The hardest part for us is tapping the trees. It takes us much longer than most but we get it done. Tammi & Zip working together making amazing maple syrup is what makes us smile, no matter how much it hurts. Visit Tammis Maple online store
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