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We are a true Mom & Pop maple shop. Owned and operated by Tammi and Zip a husband and wife team that’s been together for over 30 years. One of our goals when we got into producing maple products was to keep our prices as low as possible, without compromising quality. Click to visit Tammi’s Maple online farmstand.  We want everyone to be able to enjoy the best tasting sweetener on the planet and the health benefits that comes with real maple products. How we manage to keep our prices low. We own the land our Sugar and Red maple trees grow along with our modest sugar house. We didn’t go out a waste thousands of dollars on over priced maple equipment. Which is very common in the maple world. Our evaporator, reverse osmosis and even our sugar house is all Amish made. Saving us thousands of dollars. Might not shine like the expensive stuff but makes outstanding maple syrup. All of our currently tapped trees reside on a steep hillside behind the sugar house. Which makes for a great gravity tubing system using 3/16 tubing to generate high vacuum.  All of our sap flows directly from our maple trees to the sugar house without any manual labor. No need for trucks, gathering tanks or back breaking labor. (Zip’s back is already broke) In fact our sap goes from tree to syrup without any handling. Which is great for making quality syrup and great for the environment. We also make our own labels, created and maintain our website to reduce cost. We are not trying to get rich. We are just trying to make a little income to help pay our land and school taxes. So we can continue to live where we love. Click to visit Tammi’s Maple online farmstand.

                       Introducing Tammi’s Maple Sugar

Tammi’s Maple Sugar made 100% from our great  tasting Very Dark maple syrup. Great for baking, coffee, tea, sprinkled on oatmeal, cereal. Pretty much good on whatever you put it on. Try it you’ll  love it. 
Highest Quality, Best Tasting, Maple Syrup Products
Tammi’s delicious crystal clear maple syrup. Amber rich and dark robust pictured above. Tammi drawing off syrup into the draw-off tank. Smiling like always.
Here you will find maple syrup, maple cream, maple sugar made in the southern Finger Lakes region of New York. Our farm is surrounded by Sugar Hill state forest not far from Watkins Glen, Corning Glass Museum, Seneca, Keuka, Waneta and Lamoka lakes. We are only a couple miles south of Farm Sanctuary. Maple is the ultimate vegan treat!!
2 Quarts Maple Syrup
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free shipping
Tammi’s Maple Cream a delicious treat good on almost anything.
1 Gallon Maple Syrup
 Coming soon. Zip’s amazing wildlife photography. All shot right here in the southern Finger Lakes region of New York State
Maple Sugar Very Dark
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